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Begging Bowl Supremo Jane Alty Gives L&J Smoked Eel Star Thai Makeover

It was a privilege to play a supporting role at the recent Women in Hospitality 2018 event in London. Our smoked eel proved a big hit as a starter. No surprise given its wondrous Thai makeover from The Begging Bowl's hugely inventive chef patron Jane Alty.

It was quite a dish to say the least.

The smoked eel was combined with a palm sugar mix seasoned with dried galangal, gapi, peanuts and toasted coconut

Then it was folded through with longkong fruit, lime, Thai shallots and wrapped in betel leaf. 

No easy matter repeating that feat in your kitchen, but you'll never know until you try. 

That said our smoked eel is damn good eaten with a dash of horseradish cream. 


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