2017-07-25 08:43:41 Writen By: Darcy Lambton

New Maldon Smoked Salmon Jerky Will Revolutionise Your Pre-Dinner Nibbles

Next time you sip on something chilled don’t chomp on dreary dry roasted nuts. Instead delicately scoff on scrummy strips of Lambton & Jackson’s new Maldon smoked salmon jerky. Put simply your pre-dinner drinks and nibbles will never be the same again.

Our jerky is taken from the top crust which forms during the smoking process. This salt-cured layer, known as the pellicle, is sliced and then slowly air-dried to produce a flavour of deep deliciousness.

Alongside your favoured tipple, the jerky makes for an unbelievably moreish savoury snack (so much heathier than belt busting crisps or, heaven forfend, pork scratchings).

It’s also a cracking ingredient to have on stand-by in the kitchen, capable of transforming dishes like a summer salad with the lightest of sprinkles.

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