2017-09-10 10:40:11 Writen By: Darcy Lambton

Maldon Deep Smoked Salmon Leaps to Victory in Great British Food Awards

We're floating in a luxurious kiln on cloud nine right now. It might be some time before we come back down to earth. That's after our Maldon Deep smoked salmon overcame stiff opposition to win the smoked fish category in this year's Great British Food Awards.

We'd been a bag of nerves for weeks, but jubilation erupted after competition judge and Financial Times restaurant critic Tim Hayward delivered his verdict on our Maldon Deep.

"This was a clear winner for me. It had a good, strong smoky flavour. They obviously tend their smoker with great care," Tim said.

The analysis is spot on and our triumph is just a wonderful endorsement for the tireless work of everyone involved with Lambton & Jackson. 



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