About Lambton & Jackson

Lambton & Jackson is the culmination of our passion for beautifully smoked seafood. It came about after we decided in early 2014 (that’s Darcy Lambton and Sean Jackson) to put that passion into the creation of our own company.

The dream stemmed from the simple fact that Sean is recognised as one of the country’s outstanding talents in the art of smoking seafood. Ever since leaving school Sean has toiled tirelessly at his craft serving chefs across the land.

It explains why our smoked products already feature on top menus in London and East Anglia. Our customers have included Michelin-starred restaurants as well as famous hotels and clubs. Now we want to bring those same products into your home kitchen.

For us the pursuit of perfection is seldom advanced by spreading your expertise too thinly. So we do not smoke any edible in sight. Chickens, ducks and alike we leave to others. Instead we play to our strengths purely concentrating on salmon and eel.

Everything is done by hand, our ethos is the very opposite of the supermarket supplier. In our view, mass production is incompatible with the attention required to make the finest smoked salmon and smoked eel on the market. 

Fittingly, we are located in the historic foodie hub of Maldon, long famous for its sea salt and oysters. Our uniquely cured salmon and eel add to that heritage. So spoil yourself with our smoked delights lovingly made by the very best in the business.

Lambton & Jackson

Latest news

2018-10-07 20:08:02

Begging Bowl Supremo Jane Alty Gives L&J Smoked Eel Star Thai Makeover

It was a privilege to play a supporting role at the recent Women in Hospitality 2018 event in London. Our smoked eel proved a big hit as a starter. No surprise given its wondrous Thai makeover from The Begging Bowl's hugely inventive chef patron Jane Alty.

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2018-08-16 14:45:49

"Delicious" Juniper Smoked Salmon Gains 2* at Great Taste Awards 2018

Fabulous news food gong lovers, our Juniper smoked salmon won two stars at the Great Taste Awards 2018. After devouring a side the judges called it "delicious." Only last year our Maldon Deep won the smoked fish category at the Great British Food Awards.    

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2018-08-07 12:17:33

Lambton & Jackson Handmade Salmon Boards Now Available to Buy Online

Our awesome new handcrafted salmon boards have arrived. Carved from hornbeam and ash, they are a real dinner party showstopper. And if you're feeling up for the challenge, you can also purchase a stylish salmon knife and side of unsliced Maldon Deep. 

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