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2017-09-10 18:02:20

Maldon Deep Smoked Salmon Leaps to Victory in Great British Food Awards

We're floating in a luxurious kiln on cloud nine right now. It might be some time before we come back down to earth. That's after our Maldon Deep smoked salmon overcame stiff opposition to win the smoked fish category in this year's Great British Food Awards.

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2017-07-29 06:13:43

New Maldon Smoked Salmon Jerky Will Revolutionise Your Pre-Dinner Nibbles

Next time you sip on something chilled don’t chomp on dreary dry roasted nuts. Instead delicately scoff on scrummy strips of Lambton & Jackson’s new Maldon smoked salmon jerky. Put simply your pre-dinner drinks and nibbles will never be the same again.

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2017-06-27 14:49:13

Lambton & Jackson Maldon Deep Makes Final of Great British Food Awards 2017

Roll out the red carpet and zip up the sequined ballgowns. Lambton & Jackson is a finalist in this year's Great British Food Awards. Weeks of nervous anticipation await before the results are announced later this summer. Whatever the outcome it's a fantastic achievement for the team. 

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