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2017-02-02 09:55:30

L&J Cuts Dreamy 20% Off Smoked Salmon Prices to Mark Month of Love

To celebrate Valentine's Day we're snipping a seductive 20% off Lambton & Jackson smoked salmon prices for the whole of February. Our accountant might go weak at the knees but nothing beats sharing the passion for our craft with genuine lovers of proper smoked salmon.

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2016-12-05 09:29:51

We Need to Talk About Lambton & Jackson Smoked Salmon - It's Christmas!

We’ve been restrained for months, but no more. December’s here so we need to talk about smoked salmon. Now don’t stress about feeding hungry gatherings over the festive season. Lambton & Jackson smoked salmon will save the day including lunch, breakfast and canapés. 

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2016-09-19 18:04:36

Sweet Juniper Smoked Salmon Marks 1,025th Battle of Maldon Anniversary

Good things really do come to those who wait. Well that's certainly true of the Battle of Maldon fought way back in AD 991 here in Essex. To mark the anniversary we've recently introduced our Juniper smoked salmon and it's a frollicking feast of Scandinavian flavours.

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